Senior Session Retainer Fee - $285 

Sessions include - 

  • 1-2 Hours Outdoors on Location 

  • 20  High ResolutionPhotos 

  • Up to 3 Clothing Changes

  • Private - Password Protected Online Gallery

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Senior Details

 Its that Time.. So exciting. 12 Years of schooling and now its time to
document it with photographs. We want this process to be as fun &
exciting as possible. Here are a few tips to help ease your mind and
prepare you for your session.

First never overdo the sun.  Red Skin never looks appealing in the sun
save the suntanning for after your session.    Breakouts? No worries we
can easily and naturally remove minor complexion problems. We can
even remove scars and braces as well. However, some retouching over
and beyond our normal will be an extra retouching fee, so keep that in mind.

Avoid New Hair Cuts or new Make-up Styles.  Later you might regret
those new fashion styles.

For The Girls......

Don't Forget The Little Details. Picture this.. You in a beautiful Scene,
with your most beautiful dress on and staring at us by your waste is
your hand with chipped and tattered nails..  So please trim and Polish
your nails. Be sure to bring a brush or any hair accessories to help aid
in hair touch ups. A little hairspray will help keep the flyaways away also.

Extra make-up is best for photographs. Adding a little extra will help
to make your make-up visible.  Please avoid heavy black eyeliner and Mascara.
You want to look natural, beautiful, not overdone. Your make-up should flatter
you , not distract .

Your clothing choices matter as well. But the little thought of details to think
of are your undergarments.  Be sure your shirt does not show your bra, or
your bra straps.  Also be sure your underwear does not show through your dress
or pants.

Jewelry is a wonderful accessory also.  Just be sure its not so much
that it distracts from you!

For The Boys....

Before Your session is not a good time to get a new exciting hair-cut.
Save the hair adventures for when your sure it wont matter if its not
what you wanted.

Avoid Worded shirts or crazy patterned shirts. Simple Plaid is okay.
Simple is better sometimes.

Dont forget to bring a Prop if it defines who you are. Guitar,
Football Ect..

Boys Check your shoes. Make sure they are not scuffed and Tattered.